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Dunston's Steakhouse, established in 1955

The flip of a coin brought Gene Dunston, founder of Dallas’ oldest steakhouse, to Dallas in 1946. Gene’s mother saved enough money working in a country café to get her family out of rural Alabama and into a big city with more opportunities. Gene’s mom flipped a coin. Heads meant was Dallas and tails meant was Miami. Heads it was and the family packed up their belongings and headed west.

At the age of 15, Gene worked washing dishes at the Topper hamburger stand and, on the weekends, he would valet cars downtown. It was during his weekend work that he met a man he fondly refers to as “The Juke Box Man”. The Juke Box Man had plenty of cash from his juke box rental business and gave Gene a loan to start his first restaurant called the Silver Castle on Oak Lawn Avenue.

Gene opened the Wheel-in Drive-In on Harry Hines Boulevard in 1955. Ten years later, he added his signature open-flame

mesquite pits which took center stage in his restaurant. His new focus became the dine-in business, and he renamed the restaurant to Dunston’s Steakhouse.

In 1971, Dunston’s Steakhouse was the first restaurant in Dallas to be granted a liquor license since prohibition.

Over the years, Dunston’s has gained a loyal following of customers including Herb Kelleher, Colleen Barrett, Lee Roy Jordan, Walt Garrison, Cliff Harris, Randy White and Carroll Shelby to name a few.

Gene Dunston understands the value of a dollar and passes that value to his customers daily. Dunston’s has an old school ambiance with mouthwatering meals. It’s a Texas tradition where you will find a little bit of history and a lot of great steak!


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